Lunchables at Home

My kids like most, love sandwiches. It is a basic staple of lunch. We start with a sandwich and build it up from there. The only problem, everyone gets tired of the same old sandwiches for lunch after awhile. Here are some ideas for healthy and fun lunch fare.

My kids used to love those lunch snack packs you get at the grocery store. They had sandwiches, drinks, and a snack. Some have pizzas that you could build in place of a sandwich, a drink and snack. After a while, they got expensive, not to mention unhealthy.

Kids like variety and so do adults. Let’s give them variety without breaking the bank and adding extra calories, by making Lunchables at home. We’ll start with the sandwich first, since it’s the main course of these types of lunches.

Sandwiches can come in many shapes and sizes. If crusts are not your thing, take a sharp knife and cut the bread into a cube. It isn’t necessary to pay extra to buy bread that has the crusts already removed.

The bread you choose doesn’t have to be traditional sandwich bread at all. Pitas, hoagie rolls, buns, and tortilla wraps make excellent sandwich packaging. It all depends on what kind of sandwich you are making.

For kids, messes are a regular occurrence. To avoid them at lunch, use a sandwich sealer. It is a round tool that will seal the edges of a sandwich once you make it. Use it for peanut butter and jelly, cheese sandwiches, ham, turkey, bologna, and the like. Cookie cutters can turn a regular sandwich into stars, moons, balls, and other fun shapes to keep kids interested and looking forward to lunch each and every day.

Since you are making the sandwich at home, you can use light or fat free condiments and meats to make them healthier. When you can, use slices of chicken and beef left over from dinner meals. A slice of chicken breast or a piece of roast has fewer preservatives than the lunchmeat found in the grocery store, not to mention it’s nicer on the wallet too.

Most prepackaged lunches come with drinks and homemade ones should too. Most come with soda or another sugary drink that is not healthy for anyone. Choose twelve ounce water bottles and drink crystal sticks instead. These offer no calories but lots of taste. Fruit juice is okay if it is only eight ounces and 100 percent juice.

Snacks in the lunch meal are simple so there’s no need to go all out in this department at home either. Give the kids pieces of celery, some peanut butter, and some raisins. Let them make their own dessert creations. Raisins are naturally sweet. Even a cup of flavored yogurt or plain yogurt with granola makes a filling dessert with the right amount of sweetness.

Lunch made at home doesn’t have to be boring. You actually have more choices than you are given with store-bought products for kids and adults alike.

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