Home Embroidery Business

Embroidered designs are seen on everything from T-shirts to bath towels.  There’s plenty of need for embroidered products; you just have to find your niche within the market. People like the personalized designs of embroidery to show off on themselves or their pets. You could target your services to pet stores, sporting goods stores, or maybe even your local golf courses. Another option might be to target local businesses to see if they want a variety of items to use as promotional products.

What skills and tools are needed to start a Home Embroidery Business?

To get started, you need a good embroidery machine. There are low end machines intended for personal use but you’ll probably be disappointed in them in the long run.  It is worth the extra expense to go for a professional model.  You can choose between a single head and multi head units.  Many home based embroiders find a way to lease the equipment (at least initially) to reduce front end costs (or to limit the size of start-up loans).

Don’t worry too much about knowing how to use the machines. Most companies that sell these machines provide you with the training and are just a phone call away in case you have questions or problems.

Some selling experience would be helpful in this business. You may wish to sell your items at local craft shows to start getting your business known in your community.

You’ll need a dedicated area of your home to do your work, as the equipment and supplies will take up more space than you might imagine.  Find a sturdy table and storage units for your products and supplies. 

Choose a few sources for good quality clothing and apparel to embroider your designs on. Develop a relationship with those suppliers -- each company has its own rules for wholesale purchasing and many require that you have a business license or tax ID number to prove that you are running a business.

Another aspect to this business is digitizing images – this is another skill set that you can develop on your own, or you can outsource this work to others and focus on traditional embroidery in your business.

Embroidery businesses are a good way to make money and a fun way to show off your creativity.

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